Multisector Plan for Aging

EO Brief, AARP LTSS State Scorecard, Future Proof Live (Oct. 2023)

West Health Issue Brief Highlights Executive Orders and Legislation for MPAs 

Securing an Executive Order or legislation is an important step in creating government support for a Multisector Plan for Aging (MPA). This new issue brief by West Health provides an overview of the elements of Executive Orders and legislation that drive MPAs. By reviewing the motivators, responsible parties, key stakeholders, and organizational structure of these documents, states wishing to implement an MPA can gain key insights for incorporating their unique priorities and goals into their plan. As of publication, 10 states have Executive Orders or legislation for MPAs, and that number is expected to grow. Whether your state is actively working toward an MPA or hasn’t yet started, this brief will be a helpful tool. Read the full brief. 

AARP Launches 2023 LTSS State Scorecard Featuring new MPA measure 

On Sept. 28, AARP launched the 2023 Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Scorecard, which compares state LTSS systems across multiple dimensions of performance, reflecting the importance and interconnectedness of each element. States are ranked and tiered according to their performance, providing a comprehensive overview of what’s working and what’s not. This year, the scorecard features a new category: Community Integration. This measures whether consumers have access to safe and affordable housing, and whether communities are “age friendly” and supported by a Multisector Plan for Aging. For the first time, states could also earn innovation points for having or fostering the development of an MPA. To learn more about the scorecard, view AARP’s 2023 report. The scorecard is supported by the AARP Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, the John A. Hartford Foundation, and the SCAN Foundation.  

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Save the Date for Future Proof Live: Centering Equity and Family Caregivers in state Multisector Plans for Aging on Nov. 7   

Tune into the third episode of “Future Proof” on Nov. 7 from 1-2pm ET. Hosted by the American Society on Aging, “Future Proof” is an innovation-focused webcast that features engaging and enlightening conversations with changemakers in aging. During this webinar, you’ll learn more about how states can integrate and strengthen support for family caregivers to ensure their MPAs reflect the voices, experiences and recommendations of these vital pillars of long-term services and supports systems.

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